4 Responses to “Magna Carta for Philippine Internet Freedom: A Primer”

  1. rej tatel said:

    I have not read the bill yet, but i was wondering if you could add a provision relating a sort of anti-SLAPP statute? We find this useful here in California in attacking a lawsuit  where the complaint arises from activity exercising the rights of petition and free speech.

    Here is a glimpse of that statute:  http://www.casp.net/california-anti-slapp-first-amendment-law-resources/statutes/


  2. Victor Barreiro Jr. said:

    Good day!

    I sent an email asking if I could go to the event. I’m just not sure where in UP Diliman to go, however. :)

  3. Cecille said:

    Ok nestor. will mark you as attending. thanks for the interest.

  4. Nestor Pestelos said:

    I would like to attend the event.

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