Report to Netizens #1

A Philippine #InternetFreedom Update


2014-05-21 15.17.00

Today, the House Committee on Information and Communication Technology met to tackle House Bill No. 1086, or the Magna Carta for Philippine Internet Freedom (#MCPIF), of Rep. Kimi Cojuangco and House Bill No. 1100, or the Magna Carta for Philippine Internet Users, by Rep. Terry Ridon.

During the discussion, Rep. Cojuangco delivered her remarks on the need for #MCPIF. Thereafter, she requested Democracy.Net.PH co-convenors, Engr. Pierre Tito Galla and Atty. Francis Acero, to elaborate on the provisions of the #MCPIF. Democracy.Net.PH stressed the importance of the #MCPIF as the first crowd-sourced bill and explained that it represented a wish list of Philippine netizens for ICT in the country.

ICT Committee Chairman Joel Roy R. Duavit expressed his appreciation for the initiative of Filipino netizens to draft the #MCPIF and assured Democracy.Net.PH of the Committee’s support in making sure that the Filipino netizens’ “wish list” is passed into law. Meanwhile, Undersecretary Louis Napoleon C. Casambre noted that the need for improved cybersecurity for the country and said that the #MCPIF is “heading in the right direction.”

Rep. Duavit, however, cautioned that the #MCPIF in its present incarnation might be difficult to pass. The bill’s breadth alone would pose quite a challenge for the sponsor to defend in plenary. He therefore requested Democracy.Net.PH to submit a proposal on how the salient points of #MCPIF may be consolidated with other pending bills. On the other hand, Rep. Ridon manifested that the Rights component of #MCPIF may now be consolidated with HB No. 1100 so that it can be deliberated on by Congress ahead of the other proposals.

Democracy.Net.PH committed to submit its proposal to the committee on the revision of the #MCPIF into “smaller” bills within two weeks. The discussion was thereafter terminated and the Committee proceeded to discuss other matters in the agenda.