Statement on the filing of the Magna Carta for Philippine Internet Freedom (Senate Bill No. 53)

Miriam Defensor-Santiago wins the Internet. This is the consensus of netizens reacting to Senator Santiago’s filing of the Magna Carta for Philippine Internet Freedom or the #MCPIF. Senate Bill No. 53 was greeted with a flurry of likes, retweets, and shares on social networking sites. Netizens lauded Senator Santiago, saying that the #MCPIF, when passed, will be her legacy to the Filipino people.

We of Democracy.Net.PH believe that this overwhelmingly positive response to the filing of the #MCPIF is undeniable proof that there is a clamor among Filipinos for progressive legislation on Philippine cyberspace and the information and communications technology (ICT) sector. We strongly urge our legislators from both houses of the 16th Congress to heed this call and enact a law that will safeguard our civil and political rights online and harness the power of ICT for governance, development, and security.

We further see this response as a clear signal to the Supreme Court that the people view the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 (RA 10175) as a knee-jerk, discredited piece of legislation that must be struck down. We trust that the Supreme Court will have the wisdom to give our legislators a chance to enact a well-crafted law that promotes rights, governance, development, and security, both online and offline.

In keeping with the crowdsourcing ethos that was the driving force that crafted the #MCPIF, Democracy.Net.PH calls on the Filipino citizenry to continue to be informed, to participate in, and support the passage of the Magna Carta for Philippine Internet Freedom.